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Soy Wax

All of our Wax Melts and Candles are made with Soy Wax, which is made from the hydrogenation of soybean oil;  Our supplier manufactures the Soy wax in the UK, it is Vegan friendly, Never tested on Animals and is biodegradable.

Cardboard boxes and paper inserts

All of our items are sent in cardboard boxes with paper inserts, to ensure they are fully recycable in your normal household recycling.

Our collections use card inserts, rather than plastic to protect our melts whilst they are in transit to you. 

rPET Containers

All of the plastic containers we use are rPET, which is made entirerly from recycled plastic and are also fully recyclable.

This allows the mountins of existing plastics in the world to be reused into something new and stop it damaging our environment.

Return and Reuse

We have launched a new scheme to add even more sustainability to our range.

When you have collected 5 of our rPet containers, simply send them back to us and in return we will send you a £3.99 voucher - enough to buy another wax bar!

 We can then resuse or recycle the rPET, continuing its life and preventing waste.


Compostable Bags

Our Hinch collections and Samples are sent in the latest Bio-Film bags which are fully biodegradable and compostable.

PLA is made from from vegetable starches (potato, sugar beet etc.). Made in the UK to ‘OK biobased’ and DIN EN 13432 standards 

Fragrance/ Essential Oils

The Essential and Fragrance oils that we use in the making of our melts are only purchased from selected suppliers who can confirm their supply origins.

None of our suppliers, test their products on animals, they are all sustainably sourced and vegan friendly.

Return and Reuse!

To help extend the life cycle of our rPET containers, we would like to offer you the chance to recycle and resue.

When you have collected 5 of our rPET containers, simply follow the process below and we send you a £3.99 voucher so you can redeem this against anything on our website!

We will then recycle or reuse your returned rPet containers.  You can leave the labels on and don't worry about cleaning them!

Step 1

Drop us a message, via email, Facebook, Instagram or Our Website Chat.

To let us know you have 5 rPet containers to return

Step 2

Post your 5 rPET containers back to us.  We do ask that you pay for the postage, it shoud be less than £2 to send it second class!

Send them to R&R Infinity Scents, 50 Birmingham Drive, Aylesbury, HP22 7AG

Step 3

Once we have received your rPET containers back, we will send you a £3.99 voucher code, which you can use against anything on our website.  

Return and Reuse
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